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At DesignScape, our mission is to inspire, educate, and connect creative individuals around the world by providing high-quality design resources and fostering a collaborative community space. We aim to empower designers to unleash their full potential and continually push the boundaries of creativity.


Our vision is to be the leading online platform that serves as a one-stop destination for design enthusiasts, professionals, and aspiring individuals seeking inspiration, guidance, and resources to excel in their design pursuits. We strive to create a global community where ideas flourish and innovation thrives.

Company History

DesignScape was established in 2003 by Robert Chase, a seasoned designer who saw the need for a central hub where designers can find tools, inspiration, and expert advice all in one place. With a deep passion for design and years of experience, Robert brought together a stellar team of highly skilled professionals who shared his vision.

Founder: Robert Chase

Robert Chase, the founding brain behind DesignScape, is a renowned designer with over two decades of industry experience. As a visionary leader, Robert has worked on countless design projects while continuously exploring and embracing emerging trends. With an unwavering commitment to design excellence, he epitomizes the talent, expertise, and innovative mindset that DesignScape upholds.

The Birth of the Website

DesignScape was born out of a desire to create an accessible platform that could bridge the gap between design professionals and enthusiasts. Through online forums and interactions within the design community, Robert and his team observed a constant quest for inspiration, a desire for learning, and a shortage of easily accessible design resources. Hence, they embarked on a mission to build a website that would cater to these needs through both curated and user-generated content.

Website Objective

The primary objective of DesignScape is to serve as a dynamic virtual space for all things design-related. Our website aims to provide designers of all levels with exceptional resources, including tutorials, articles, industry news, creative assets, design templates, and much more. By fusing great content with a collaborative community-driven platform, DesignScape seeks to engage, educate, and empower designers to achieve their creative goals.

Target Audience

DesignScape is specifically tailored for designers, artists, and individuals with a passion for visual creativity. Our resources, tutorials, and insights cater to aspiring designers who are embarking on their design journeys, seasoned professionals honing their skills, and everyone in between. We welcome diverse individuals from various design disciplines, ranging from graphic design, web design, industrial design, interior design, fashion design, and beyond.

Unique Value

What sets DesignScape apart is our steadfast commitment to excellence, fueled by a curated team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members. We go above and beyond to ensure that the content featured on our website is meticulously screened, packed with value, and aligned with the latest design trends and standards. With DesignScape, designers can be confident that they are accessing reliable information and being part of a passionate community centered around pushing creative boundaries.

Join us at DesignScape to unlock your design potential, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on an exciting journey towards transforming your ideas into stunning realities.

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