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Philosophy & Services

Why we love what we do.

Some of our current clients were some of our first. LMI builds relationships with our clients getting to know you and your home, while helping you through the process of making your house your own. Every house has a story and we want to make sure your chapter is the best yet. We create classic, soulful interiors that stand the test of time but still showcase a twist of fun. 


We offer full service interior design service from concept to drawings to material selections, custom vendors, purchasing, and installations – we can do it all in a way that works for you.


But maybe you don’t need it all or don’t know what you need. Here are few questions we get that might help:


I don’t even know where to start but I know I want help. Now what?

On site consultations are a great way to learn how a designer can help you with your project, answer your questions, and provide ready to use information to hit the ground running. After all on site consultations we provide a follow up email with a list of the items discussed and next steps. On site consultations are charged hourly. Let’s make a date!


If I could just move this wall, but what would that look like?

LMI can help you design your addition or rework your floor plan. We provide scaled drawings and elevations for your review and help you rework them until everything feels just right. We can then help you find a builder and everything you need from a faucet to the grout color as well as vendors to add even more of your personality from wallpaper installers to custom curtains to the right light bulb choice.


My kitchen/ bathrooms/ enter your space here, need a new life but I’m worried about living through all the decisions (not to mention the cost). Can I really do this and keep my sanity?

Having a plan and budget upfront will save you time and money while having someone take a lot of those decisions off your list will make the process much easier. That is exactly what we do. LMI will work with you to structure a working budget, provide drawings, and bring all the materials to you, no browsing showrooms for endless hours. We always show at least two options for each space, all within your budget so you have options. Let’s see what works for you: [email protected],


I have a budget but is it realistic?

One of the first steps LMI takes for a new project is establishing a working budget. This helps us get on the same page with you about your goals and what is realistic to expect from your budget. It also helps us know the best places to shop for your materials and furnishings.


I work full time, how is this going to work?

Most of our Clients have full schedules so we offer night time meetings and weekend meetings.


Do you work by the hour or with a fee?

We charge a design fee for the initial concept, planning and sourcing for each project based on the scope. We then work off of a percentage mark up on goods and services to further research, purchase and manage your project for you. You can take our design and run with it on your own or we can handle it all for you. Typically we do all the purchasing and project management so that you can take full advantage of our services, sources, vendors, and exclusive trade pricing.


We are happy to email you more details or discuss over the phone. Let’s connect. [email protected]